Quality Control

Quality Assurance

Although the company has had a suitable quality control system in place for years, the transformation from a traditional system to a modern quality assurance system has lifted its performance to a new height. The fact that this system was designed in-house and its implementation was carried out by FSL itself speaks a lot about management’s abilities and commitment of its workers.

To achieve standardization in its operations, the company has documented manuals, procedures, work instructions and job descriptions. Every worker is trained and provided with copies of relevant work instructions, written in local language, enabling him to carry out his job in a thorough professional manner.

The company has formed a highly competent team, headed by Director Sales, with an objective to keep a close watch on the performance of all departments. This team includes Quality Assurance Manager, ISO 9001-2008 Lead Auditor and Departmental Heads as its members. The team members coordinate with each other to ensure that customers get best quality and best service at all times. A review meeting is held at least once in a month to discuss ways to improve performance of the system from time to time. Customers are also invited to give their feedback on products and services. Their remarks, suggestions and complaints are discussed in the review meetings and actions are taken accordingly.

Characteristics Affecting Quality Of Steel Rebar

Following factors affect the strength of steel rebars and its bonding with concrete.

Rib Spacing                     Heights of Ribs                     Gap Cord

Deformation                   Surface Scraps                      Cross-Section Area


Any deviation in these parameters can significantly decrease bonding capability with concrete as well as strength of rebars itself.

Unit Weight

Unit weight of steel rebars is another factor that can significantly affect quality of construction as well as hurt the customers pocket considerably. It can be proved that manufacturing of steel rebars under uncontrolled conditions or without required expertise produces over-size / under-size or over-weight / under-weight steel rebars. Such rebars when used in construction significantly hamper implementation of engineering-design as the weight and strength of steel rebars varies considerably.

FSL ensures that all quality parameters are adhered to strictly and on consistent basis. The expertise in manufacturing and quality of raw material utilized makes FSL branded steel rebars an extremely reliable product for quality conscious customers. Its no surprise if FSL remains the first choice for construction of dams, hydro-power plants, nuclear-power plants, bridges, motorways, airports, factories, high-rise buildings, specially in Seismic Zone (earthquake zone) 2 & 3 etc.