Fazal Steel (Pvt.) Limited is one of the leading steel rolling mills in Pakistan. The company has excelled in steel industry with expertise in manufacturing steel bars for reinforcement of concrete and sectional steel products of different grades and sizes.

FSL is best known for its state-of-art technology, high standards in quality and commitment to the development of Pakistan. Success of the company can be gauged by the portfolio of mega-projects in which it has participated over the last few decades. FSL has been one of the most progressive and dynamic organizations in steel industry of Pakistan. Assuming the role of technology-leader, the company has set a fast pace for development of country’s steel sector. FSL is keeping a fine balance between expansion into new ventures and modernization of existing units.

FSL’s new automatic re-rolling mill based on Italian and Indian design has the capacity to roll out steel bars in sizes 10mm to 25mm in the first production line and 32mm to 63mm in the second production line with an annual capacity of 130,000tons.

The company has installed an advanced notching machines for engraving trademarks and identifications on each and every bar for trace ability plus another modern physical testing laboratory.

It is due to effective utilization of company’s resources complemented by the use of latest production technology that gives us a competitive edge and assures FSL’s role as a leading manufacturer in the steel industry.

Group managment

Group management has always been very forthright in setting long-range goals and its vision about the future. Employees and workers of the company remain actively involved in devising plans and their execution. It is therefore possible for FSL to converge all resources of the company to achieve specific targets. In an effort to offer customers an extremely comprehensive product range, the company has recently decided to diversify into manufacturing of girders, angles, channels, flats, plain shafts and T-Iron. Our 18” re-rolling mill where several structural steel products are re-rolled in sizes 25mm to 63mm to fulfill the ever growing demands of our valued customers. This 130,000tons per annum capacity re-rolling mill is the result of modern technology and age-old experience in steel industry.

Customer Orientation

To focus energies of the management, staff and the workers, Managing Director of FSL has put forward specific targets to be achieved. These are:

  • Complete satisfaction of customers by supplying products conforming to all stated requirements.
  • Reducing wastage, breakdowns and increasing production rate.
  • Controlling cost of production to pass on its benefit to the consumer.
  • Maintaining good working conditions.

The whole system at FSL revolves around these four basic principles and as a result customer remains the main benefactor.

Sales department of FSL plays an active role in ensuring total satisfaction of the customer. The department is involved with customers from order taking stage to the delivery of final product. Before confirming any sales, each customer is explained the complete product features through marketing material and in-person presentations. Customers are also invited to visit factory premises and witness quality control arrangements. The idea is that the customer must know what he is going to get for his money.

After the order is confirmed from a customer, sales department gets in touch with the production planning department to ensure deliveries as per customer’s given schedule. The department once again comes in picture when final inspection of each consignment is performed to ensure that products so delivered are as per the contract signed. These procedures have been designed and are followed to ensure total customer satisfaction.


Development of a country-wide infrastructure is no job for some selected persons or organizations. Every member of the society has to contribute equally as their national duty. Still there are always few names that stand ahead because of their highly inspirational role as leaders.

Fazal Steel Private Limited is one such organization that has been a leading contributory in development of Pakistan for the last few decades.

This role was acknowledged at the highest level when the organization was awarded Excellence Award by the President of Pakistan (1999). Since then the company has won accolades for its quality standards and service to nation.


FSL manages its own fleet of prime movers to ensure timely deliveries to its priority customers. It is ensured that apart from regular requirement of projects urgent orders are also adhered to save our customers from stoppage of work. The company has heavily invested transportation and goes extra mile in providing this facility to the customers. we have Trailers from 30 Mt to 80 Mt range.


“Upto the Quality Mark and Standards”